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We are S  O Capital Management, Inc., wealth managers who use active, short term, strategies in combination with long term growth investments designed to enhance our clients portfolio's probability for success.  We are experienced in how markets work!  We don't sell product, we manage portfolio's.  We offer separately managed accounts customized to our clients specific circumstances.  We bring the benefit of understanding how the markets work, how they are different, and the opportunities they provide.  Passive approaches alone may be self limiting and not a particularly efficient use of time or capital.  We attempt to find great companies for growth and sell the underlying volatility, called wasting assets to lower risk and enhance return. We are asset managers that are different.  We are different because the market allows us to profit by being different.  Find out more!  When you know better you do better. 



Risk/Return Assessment
If you own financial assets you own volatility.  Determining how much risk you currently own is the best place to start.
Customized Portfolio Construction
Determining the right amount of market risk is not necessarily easy.  We employ asset allocation with multi style and multi cap underlyings.
Strategy Diversification
Different ways to profit engage certain types of risk.  Complimenting profit strategies enhance the opportunity for less risk and more return.
Implementation and
Ongoing Management.
We use short term active management
to enhance longer term investments to produce alpha.
Third Party Custody Assignment 
We do not custody client assets.  Rather a custodian is chosen who may provide the functionality and security desired by client and adviser.
We monitor passive and active performance quarterly to keep on pace with stated objectives.

What We Do

We provide portfolio management services on a discretionary, and in some cases, a non-discretionary basis to select relationships.

All of our account relationships are separately managed and customized to be appropriate to return objectives, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors.

We seek to generate alpha from short term active management of liquid underlyings by selling risk premia on wasting assets.  Our goal is to collect premium in addition to the appropriate directional risk undertaken.

Our active management strategies are both short  and long term,  seeking to compliment  each other for the benefit of higher risk adjusted returns. 


Our client base enjoys capturing ongoing closed permanent returns  to enhance the long term results from owning appropriate companies.

What We Do
How We Are Different

How We Are Different


Time is an integral part of investment success.  We only have so much time to accumulate wealth or produce income.  It is smart to make the best use of it.


Check your investment portfolio.  If you are dependent on direction alone for  success, you may want to learn how to make your investments work harder.

Markets allow ways to enhance profits on the positions you now hold.   Generating consistent,  current, cash-flow now will provide your portfolio with a higher probability for a better future outcome. 


We are different because the markets allow us to profit by being different.  Our expertise is not readily offered elsewhere.  If you would like to learn more let us know.

Two ways to profit are better than one!

Owning great companies and selling volatility, gives  your portfolio a second way to profit!

We buy great companies and Sell volatility making your portfolio work harder!

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Time decay.png

Selling a wasting asset for time value

Profit engine number two!

Portfolio dependent on direction for profit

Profit engine number one.


 The Power of 

Our Formula for Your Success!
Ray A. Schoonover
Registered Investment Adviser

Why You Should Care

What would an extra 4% on top of your portfolio's return look like?

Tel: 817-338-1515

"There is a lot of advice on the subject of investments.  Market opinions are abundant.  Everybody has one!  Opinions and information alone, however, are not particularly useful when profit is dependent on direction.  Today,  perspective is more valuable than ever.  It is as important to know what you can't know as well as what you can control.  Crowd advice tends to focus more on attempting to predict outcome, which can be folly.  I prefer reacting to how the market will pay based on probability to deliver results. You should care, because, when it comes to investments, it is more important to know what the market thinks than what others do!"

Highlighted Compounding Chart.png

If we assume profit engine number one earns 8%  (conventional, directionally dependent portfolio) over a 10 year period with a starting investment of $100K.   And profit engine number two (tactical approach to selling volatility) contributes an enhanced 4% to the ending total return, we see the power of compounding has earned $94,693! more!

Information provided is for illustration purposes only!
Actual returns will vary,  are not guaranteed and may include the possibility of loss.  Strategies include the use of options and you may find a disclosure document to become more aware of the risk of options at:

Why You Should Care
Our Address:

929 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO. 80477

Tel:   817-338-1515

Toll:  855-338-1515


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    Ray A. Schoonover,  Adviser

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